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Gail Daniels

Jerry Dougherty

Linda Dougherty

Linda and Jerry Dougherty

Michael and Teresa Dunn

Michelle Ferderer

Geri Flett

Jay Garber

Edward and Rebecca Gray

Robert and Charleigh Grossman

Jerry Hombel

Chris Huffman

Bev Humphrey

Gail Jantz

Jay and Judy Johnson

Jonas Babcock Chapter DAR

Terry and John Keve

Rocky Kidder

Sheryl Krauser

Stephen and Cheryl Krupke

Ladies and Gentlemen of WA State Veterans Cemetery

Cliff LaRue

Brandy Manke

James and Della Mann

Steven and Christy Meltzer

Courtney Morse

David Neuschwander

Debby Peone

Amber Perleberg

Donald and Marlene Peters

Gregory A. Ramos

LaVern Rettowski

Millie Rinker

Dan and Connie Roden

Thomas Rux

Dwayne and Geraldine Sauter

Eric Sobotta

Jack and Karen Soliday

Spokane Tribe of Indians

Rhonda Steward

Wayne Terry

Bob and Sue Walker

Janet Wheaton

Roberta Wiggs

Mertz and Cindy Wuts

Wendy Wynecoop

Tom and Wendy Zwainz

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